The Things That We Do For Love
In 2015 Odyssey Theatre celebrated his 30th anniversary with a triple play: “Saving Melisendra!” based on a chapter of Miguel de Cervantes “Don Quixote”, “The Love of Don Perlimpin and Belisa in the Garden” by Federico García Lorca, and “Whether You Like It or Not” by Tirso de Molina.
We wanted to have just an alley full of junk of various sizes and shapes that when put together in different ways created the sets for the plays. The Towers of Alcazar became the trunk of the trees used in the next scene, and the giant spheres on top became the treetops, a ladder became a bookcase, a bench became the hedge and so on. At the back, a scaffold became the balcony of Belisa for the second play, and on the third one it became a castle with two wings that opened at the sides.