Interchangeable Galaxies
Music Charles Camilleri
Choreography Sara Pardo

A black and infinite sky surrounds the dancers.
Following the movements of the dancers waving in the background, stars appear and disappear in the mists of time (The “stars” are small plastics with multiple sides that are seen only when the light illuminates them.)
Shrouded in an aura of mystery, a sphere descends and establishes a state of order in contrast to the initial chaos. Curiosity, uncertainty about the unknown, and the illusion of the arrival of The Response to concerns that waved one second behind, makes everyone to gather in a circle.
The sphere’s unique shape, which is round, closed, perfect, simple and at the same time a magic line of junction in the choreography, demonstrates the symbolic contents, acquiring universal values.
The composite work choreographer-composer-designer gives the work the unity of a whole reading. The sphere enters the field in response to a musical change, generating choreographic movement around it.